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Knowledge cemetery


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Time triangles

Mexican mezcal house


Works with “La Favorita”

473.85 Kg


Alberto López Corcuera

473.85 kg


The project commissioned for this exhibition features a surface layer of sand, on the gallery floor, that covers an indefinite number of Mexican coins with a ten-centavo face value. Visitors are invited to move across the installation as well as explore and interact with it.


The show title, 473.85 kg, refers to the overall weight of the metal used to mint the centavo coins buried in the sand, which at the same time is the whole budget that was given for the the exhibition.


The visitors could take home as many coins as they like, weight them and receive an art certificate stating the exact grams of metal they are taking. By this, the monetary value of the coins is removed and transformed in to an art piece.


To our surprise, the whole budget finished on the first 3 days of the exhibition, given a total of 722 art certificates and 473.85 kg of metal.


The LA FAVORITA Colectivo proposal is inscribed within a line of work that links art to the economy. Within so-called imaginary economics—a term Olav Velthius used to speak of contemporary art’s interpretations of economic phenomena—play is posited as a means of proposing viewpoints that, while they may not always be critical or affirmative of economic processes, do take on making them explicit.